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While I wait for my next trip to the store or CSA or farmer’s market I was craving some green stuff for my morning smoothie.

I tend to hide things from myself, the motivation is to “save it for later”. Works well with special candy bars my parents smuggle down to Texas from Canada. Coffee Crisp bars are one of my favorites, I would arm wrestle you for one. Probably cheat by distracting you somehow just to get my mits on one of those puppies. Hiding kale from myself, in the save it for a rainy day fashion, now sounds incredibly weird when put next to chocolate. It came in handy this morning though! I tried making my own kale chips with a beautiful bunch that came in my Greenling box a while ago. I bagged up the leftovers and burried them in the freezer. It’s probably been two months, maybe more, that those kale chips sat waiting for someone to rescue them.

Have you ever seen the “Will it Blend?” series on YouTube? This is by no means an experiment of radical blending of random items. I do write with purpose (mostly), ha ha. Well, give that guy a bag of kale chips and see what happens. I can tell you that the results of a smoothie containing dried plant matter are not that appealing. Besides having large bits of kale in my breakfast smoothie, the flavor of nutty toasted kale threw me off. It was edible but I’m calling it a kitchen experiment failure.

I’d like to make this with fresh kale.

kale blueberry smoothie

The combination used here was:

  • half of a banana
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 1/2 cup orange juice, maybe more if too thick
  • heaping cup of blueberries
  • handful of kale (use fresh for heaven’s sake)

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My daughter is captivated by the numerous ladybugs hanging out at our house.  I made her a ladybug house out of a recycled salsa jar.

ladybug house jar

While I was cutting up vegetables for my dinner, another ladybug appeared on the window.  I caught it and gently tossed it in the jar.  Now she has two critters to gawk at.  I wonder how long this phase will last, or will she want to be an entomologist when she grows up?  Either way, there will be no scorpions or spiders in this house.

Dinner was a colorful collection of crunchy vegetables.

veggie bowl

A friend of mine suggested I watch Michael Mosley’s new series on PBS, particularly this one.  I realized that I’m already fairly close to the  regime he discusses on the show.  That is, for a few days you eat a regular diet (feeding), then hardly any calories (fasting).

The key nugget I took away was that a body running on very low calories and protein will use the available energy for restoration of cells instead of multiplication or “go-go” mode.  In terms of disease and cancer, the body works to restore deterioration brought on by these aliments.  Very interesting stuff.  My cousin recently discovered a cancerous tumor and is undergoing treatment.  Anything that peers into the biomechanics of humans, especially in relation to food, is intriguing to me.

I remember my grandmother, who lived into her 90’s eating very little each day and drinking hot tea.  Was there a direct correlation of diet and longevity?  This is the question Mosley poses.

A reminder of my habits (good and bad) came in the form of a blood test, cholesterol specifically.  My total was 184.  According to my doctor, you want to keep it under 200.  I didn’t get the break down of the HDL and LDL but the number still jarred me, especially after watching the show.

This year is the beginning of an introspective look at my own health.  No time like today, right?

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When I opened the latest fluorescent green tote box full of local organic vegetables and fruit I was immediately drawn to a bundle of dark green leaves.  Tatsoi.  What the hell is tatsoi?  Thank goodness my adventure into tatsoi territory was guided by the clever recipe suggestions that come with the veggies.

This was a salad with the tatsoi, lettuce, orange, avocado, green onion and English cucumber.  For the dressing, I eyeballed EVOO, rice wine vinegar, gluten-free soy sauce, tahini and a bit of the juice from the orange into a glass container.  Easier than whisking and any leftover dressing is already in a sealable container!  I saw the layers in the narrow jar and took a picture of it, I thought it was neat.

The tatsoi (from Gundermann Acres) reminded me of bok choy, like a miniature version of it.  I always wondered what was in some of those stir-fry dishes, I think this was it.  Yum!

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