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My blog is 3 years old today.

Has it been that long already? In the grand scheme of blogging, this is merely an infant. I’m not looking for fame or fortune, this is my little space to create and share with whomever cares to devour it. Go ahead and lick your screen, drool on your keyboard, or you could try cooking along with me.

I did bite and bought my domain, http://www.midnitechef.com, I’m not off the WordPress teat just yet. A bit nervous about moving my baby.

Last year I made a goal here to do more giveaways. I love Christmas for the giving aspect, and wish people were nicer all year long, so I spread good cheer when ever possible. Thank you to the various sponsors who handed over goodies! (Psst, by the by, my blender cracked this morning and I need a new one. Just sayin’.)

Final thoughts: I’m still here. Still writing. Usually in the kitchen after dark.

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The first time I made dinner for my husband when we began dating, I made salmon.  It was a gamble, for sure.  I had no clue what he might like, or hate, but I wanted to impress his taste buds.  I was so nervous to present him with the first meal I had ever prepared for him, however the nerves melted away when he lit up at the table.  What I learned was that he loves fishing, and I could not have picked a better suited dish than a perfectly cooked piece of salmon.

  •   salmon fillets
  •   Dijon mustard, a good tbsp
  •   maple syrup or honey, 1 tbsp
  •   BBQ sauce, enough to coat the fish
  •   garlic a clove or two, minced
  •   Mrs. Dash (regular flavor)
  •   parsley or cilantro – dry
  •   Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 tsp

Pre-heat the oven to 350°F.

Wash and pat the fish dry.  Cover baking sheet with foil.  Spray or lightly rub veggie oil on the foil, just enough to let the fish slide.  Place the fillet skin side down on to the greased pan or foil.

In a cup mix together the BBQ sauce, mustard, honey/syrup, Worcestershire, garlic.  Spread on the fish, sprinkle Mrs. Dash and parsley on top.

Bake the fish for 20-25 minutes.  It should be flaking but still juicy when done.  You can make a bit extra sauce to put on half way through baking.

Delicious when served with roasted asparagus and rice!  This edition was a trout fillet with basmati rice and romaine salad.

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