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A botched attempt at getting to the front of the line at the post office to get passports needed a chocolate remedy.  There’s a cupcake place in north Austin that I’ve been wanting to check out for sometime.  Today seemed like the perfect day.

While I was eyeing the cupcakes, Boston Cream looked downright delicious.  I held back and got chocolate ice cream for the kids.

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A double batch of chocolate chip cookies to share with the kids and friends.  The right type of cookie sheet makes a huge difference in how these darlins turn out.  My old single layer sheet pan made the edges brown faster than the double layer pans.  The trick is to slightly under bake, just until the middle is set, then let them hang out on the pan on your wire racks.  They keep cooking as the pans cool.  Every oven is different, and the amount of batter used will affect the baking time too.

Try a test batch of three cookies of all the same size scoop.  Preferably, weigh the scoops on a kitchen scale (I’m dying to find a good deal on a digital scale!) Put the dough along the edges and bake for the minimum amount of time described in the recipe.  I watch the first pan like a hawk, then “calibrate” my baking time according to the test batch.  When you use different pans this theory will no longer apply.

Lesson for today: buy more of the same cookie sheets when I find them on sale, don’t stop at three!

Chocolate Chip Cookies will be available through my bakery for Mother’s Day.  If you’re in the area check out the upcoming sale!

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With or without raisins these mouthfuls will invite you to devour more than one tart.  But hey, they’re mini for just that reason!

Also fixed up the bakery website with a more permanent address: cardamombakery.com I’m still making slight tweaks here and arranging there, but it’s functional.  Menu expansion will be the next task, which really means baking a bunch of stuff that I don’t have photos for.  And what happens to all those goodies after the paparazzi are finished?  Well, let’s leave that between me, you and the birds.

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First, I apologize for licking the frosting before taking a picture.  It was delicious, so sue me!

Hey Cupcake! is one of the many roadside attractions for foodies in Austin.  There is a silver trailer not far from my office sporting a Johnny Appleseed scale cupcake.  Odd?  Not for Austin.

Save up those greenbacks and head out to one of four trailers (one is mobile now, check Twitter) or HQ on Burnet Road.  $3 for a cupcake might sound steep, but wait until you try one.  My mouth is watering again just thinking about the LuvCake (shown above).  The flavours won’t bash you over the head, but the texture and moistness might.  This little lass is topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and has a few chocolate chips in the decadent chocolate cake.  Could I bake such a treasure?  With practise, sure.  Getting a cupcake while on the run and feeling a little low (sugar and emotion wise)?  Why not!  I’ll just have to swallow the price tag for a convenient cupcake boost.

To see the epic birth of Hey Cupcake! go here.

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