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Blueberry Trifle

It’s stupid hot again in Texas. Summer has its grip on Austin. Welcome to the muggy buggy sweltering summer.

Who wants to fire up the oven to bake when you can barely keep the house at a reasonable temperature to begin with? Well, I do, but that’s because some people pay me to bake. Others gleefully accept my fairy cake mother gifts on their birthdays.

To avoid the oven, you may want to try a trifle. Mom used to make these layered desserts quite often for Lion’s Club Potlucks in Vimy, Alberta (the nearest town to my rural home). Mom used either Jell-O or vanilla pudding and sliced banana and strawberries in her layers, topping it with a good amount of whipped cream.

My version is chock full of short cuts, unlike most of my baking that is done from scratch. This is a good thing to pull together quickly and can be adjusted to feed more people, just add more ingredients!

blueberry triffle midnitechef.com

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/2 a container of Cool Whip (you can make whipped cream, but this is shortcut #1)
  • 1 cup Frozen organic Canadian Wild Blueberries (shortcut #2, frozen keeps longer, and they don’t have to be Canadian)
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla
  • Lady Fingers
  • Fresh Raspberries (if you happen to have some, they’re a nice touch)


Let the Cool Whip thaw so it can be spooned into a bowl, or whip whipping cream until soft peaks form.
In a small bowl, add the blueberries and vanilla. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute to release the juices from the berries.
In a serving dish, place lady fingers, breaking them in half as needed, to make a single layer.
Spoon half the blueberries and juice over the cookies.
Spoon half the Cool Whip over this.
Repeat another sequence of lady fingers, blueberries, Cool Whip.
Top with fresh raspberries (optional).


This makes a small batch of triffle, a perfect to sharing size. Keep it in the fridge until ready to serve. The lady fingers will absorb the juices and turn a beautiful violet, while the whip stays crisp white. Until you dive in, of course.


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I was wandering through Sam’s Club when a perky woman stopped me to offer a sample of juice.  She gave the short sales pitch as I tasted, mmmed and ahhed at her words.  What really sold me was the flavor and weight of the juice.  I know you wouldn’t normally think of weight and viscosity of juices, just follow along on this one.  The more water you add to freshly squished juice, the lighter and less viscous it is.  And the more water added to the good stuff means higher profit margins to the producer.  I like to make smoothies out of real fruit (banana, papaya, berries, mango, pineapple, you name it!) so when a juice really tastes like fruit I get excited.  I bought a bottle of Acai Berry Juice right then.

Cloudiness is a good thing.

I drink about 4 ounces in the morning, and if I need a pick me up in the afternoon.  I’ve noticed a little extra pep in my step when I take it a few days in a row.  If you have kids, I’ll advise you to cut this with water as you might have jumping jackrabbits on your hands.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Maybe my kids are just nuts anyways.

I bought a different brand of Acai juice (Zola) and it doesn’t taste as good, not even close.

Here is the guy behind Genesis Today on The View


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