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I’m a little late for the hysteria surrounding The Hunger Games novel and the trilogy, but hey, better late than never eh?

I’ve just finished reading the book in time for the theatrical debut in the US (tomorrow).  You would assume there is little to do with food in this tale by the title.  Well, there is.  And I was inspired by the book to create this menu.  It helped to have started my garden early this year thanks to the very mild winter and spring rain.  The garden is my forest, where we begin.

Wild Tame Green Salad

Picked from the yard, the delicate baby greens are the only bit of color a starving family sees at times.  Spring gives strawberries, a sweet relief after a bitter cold winter.

  • garden sprouts of rocket, dandelion buds and leaves, chives, cilantro, mint, pea tendrils, and radish leaves
  • goat cheese
  • pansy petals, geranium bud and petals
  • strawberry

Lamb Stew over Potatoes

Part of the lavish spread for the Tributes in preparation for the Games.

Tender meat and aromatic gravy over fluffy potatoes.

Fruit Bread

To include a hint of the baker’s son, a bread made with dried apricot and currants (sans nuts due to allergies).

The next two books are on my list, I’m sure they will be just as good as the first in the trilogy.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Picture from Amazon.com (click to visit site)

I’ve finished flipping through the 1980’s cookbook I found at the Antique Mall and need to start something new.  I found a copy of Jeffrey Steingarten’s book The Man Who Ate Everything at HPB for 6 dollars and change.  A book about food, by a food writer for Vogue magazine, a little more interesting than reading recipes (although I have fun looking through cookbooks).  This book will be a welcomed change of pace for summer.

In the first several pages, Jeffery has piqued my interest in making more bread.  He describes his struggle to produce a wild yeast starter, and why spring water is better than any other water for bread making.  If you’ve ever watched Iron Chef America, you probably saw Mr. Steingarten at the judges’ table.  His mannerisms are equally funny in his writing.  He writes like he sounds on TV.  Genuine I guess.

Once I finish the book I will update you with more.  For now, it’s back to the kitchen to start a loaf of bread.

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