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  • natural beef patties (hand made)
  • sharp cheddar cheese
  • cooked red bell pepper slices
  • cooked sweet onion slices
  • fresh tomato slices
  • homemade roll (used multigrain instead of rye)

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If I had a nifty meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid mixer, I would have ground my meat for these burgers, too.  Until I can find a decently priced grinder (maybe in a garage sale?) we’ll just have to trust the butcher case.

Normally I would buy the leanest meat available to cook with – this is not inclusive of burgers though.  Why?  Well I’ll tell ya… A good burger, made with whatever you like, is a juicy burger.  Those burgers that cannot contain themselves in the waxed paper origami dressing they often come in, those are great.  The moisture comes from fat, this is unavoidable.  Sorry, no fat-free burgers will be found here today!  Without the fat you end up with a hockey puck.

Focaccia for my burgers

Most ground turkey meat where I live is at least 90% lean, so this requires some flavourful ingenuity.  To create a better turkey burger you will need bacon and/or cheese, I prefer using both if possible.  Dice up the bacon fairly small and sauté over low heat to release some of the fat and concentrate that bacon flavour.  Shred your cheese, the sharper the better or use blue if you’re into that.  Let the bacon cool so you can handle it.  Combine the turkey meat, cheese, bacon, fresh herb of choice, finely diced onion, salt and pepper in a bowl.  Your hands are the best tool for this and don’t over mix, you want to see the extra ingredients well distributed.  Divide into equal portion patties then cook, flip only once.

Tip: Leave the burgers alone when you put them down to cook.  No squashing, scooting, or poking!  This keeps more juices (aka fat) inside the burger as it cooks resulting in a better burger.

I made some rosemary and herb focaccia bread as my bun for this burger.  I could have eaten the bread all day on its own or with a dab of butter.  Bread machines really do work!

The turkey burger was built with the focaccia, mayo, spicy mustard, more cheese on top, tomato slices and fresh basil leaves.  If you’re a smart bacon lover like yours truly, you would also have cooked some slices of bacon to top your burger while those little diced pieces were frying.  Go ahead and put those slices on the burger now.  Avocado would also work here, if you have it.

turkey burger

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There are several burger joints in Austin, it would take me forever to visit all of them and I would probably gain a few unsightly pounds because of it.  I’ve done my stint of no-drive-thru or fried anything for 3 months before, the first burger I had to break that venture was at Burger King.  Not the best choice.  I felt ill afterwords.  Not that I ate contaminated food, it was just foreign to my squeaky clean digestive system.  TMI?  Sorry.  Back to the story.

We were out and about scouting for antique malls.  Hubby found this store, a hunting-fishing-coin store.  It’s like an old fart took his hobbies and built a storefront for them, all in one place.  There were two “girls” sitting at a table displaying a shotgun and had pamphlets for hunting expeditions.  They were like 18 – maybe 19, although they sounded as if they were still in high school, probably in West Lake somewhere.  Anyways, they were nice enough to compliment my reproductive abilities (aka cute children), so who cares if they had legs a mile long.  They will get old, too.  I chased Little Sister back and forth through the store, she stopped in the hunting section to gaze up at the heads of various animals hanging on the walls above the gun racks.  “WOW! Whaz dat?!?”, she exclaimed, nearly causing the elderly man in front of her to keel over from the loud noise coming from the toddler behind him.  Then, like a bear on a honeybee’s trail, she followed a scent back to the booth babes gun girls, who were chowing down on some burgers.

I politely asked if they had ever been to the burger place we passed on the way to this store. One replied that she had, but it was the other location and they didn’t have any bacon for her burger, she liked bacon on her burgers.  Hmmm…. you’re not so bad after all, I thought to myself.  I too love bacon.  A quick thank you and then we were off to lunch.

@P. Terry's Burger Stand

Stand is a pretty accurate description for P. Terry’s.  It’s very small and its parking lot even smaller.  They are on a busy street, cars were blocking three lanes of traffic just lining up to get to the drive-thru.  Busy places must be good, at least you hope.  It sounds like a tin can full of sardines inside.  The furniture is plastic, there’s no acoustical implements to sponge out the cavernous echo created by the banter of the patrons.  It’s a bit of a fish bowl.

As far as the Austin “burger” goes, this is a cheap one.  It’s probably due to the quality of beef they use, the burger was greasy.  They claim to use all-natural, hormone-free, vegetarian-raised black angus beef from a local source, with all that it’s still a little on the fatty side for my taste.  They don’t overload the bun with mayo, which I like, there’s nothing good about mayo dripping from your bun.  For the price (about 3 bucks) it was alright.

The fries were natural cut, evident from the skin still intact at the ends of the fries.  They were a bit greasy too, the oil probably wasn’t hot enough or they cooked too many at once.  I’m not a fry cook (nor do I want to be) but it just makes sense that too much mass in the oil brings the temperature down.  Cooler oil soaks into the potato instead of sealing the outer surface to crispy perfection.  Try it at home with a deep fry pan, vegetable oil, and potato strips – an Alton Brown type of experiment.  (Alton is so cool 🙂 and I totally geeked out when I met him at the book fair last year!)

Last, but least was the shake.  I was disappointed that they seemed to use a lot of chocolate syrup to put this milkshake together.  If I had seen how it was made I would not have ordered it.  Little Sister liked it, so I gladly pawned some of it off.

As we headed to the car, a crazy lady came roaring out of nowhere, yelling for the owner of the blue Jeep to move their vehicle immediately.  Apparently it was parked in front of her store which was next to the burger stand.  She was pointing at me and yelling “IS THAT YOURS?” I shook my head in return and slipped into my Hyundai.

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