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Rarely do I get phone calls that I actually want to receive at home.  Most are recordings from the Mayor’s office, political opinion polls, telemarketers for TV-phone-internet companies or otherwise annoying people.  Earlier this evening was one of these calls.  The woman spoke with a smile and asked if I could take a short 60 second survey.  Sure (like there’s something else I’d much rather be doing now than talk to you.)  Oddly, the questions she had were quite benign.  Things like “Do you drive a foreign or domestic model vehicle?” foreign. Everything was fine until the last question.

Smiling Woman: “You don’t have to say which companies you or your spouse work for, just what type of work that you do?”

Me: “Engineering.”

Smiling Woman: “And, so, are you the homemaker?”

Me: “No, I’m the engineer.”  Well, I’m really an Engineering Technologist that does engineering type of work under the supervision of an EE.  But that would have confused the poor lady.

Smiling Woman: “Oh! I’m so sorry.  And your spouse? Does he stay at home, is unemployed, or a student?”

Me: “Unemployed.”  And he’s not *technically* unemployed either, but again this would have extended the 60 second survey far beyond the time promised by Smiling Woman.

I hung up after she thanked me for participating and said someone might call me about entering a sweepstakes or about a prize that I might win.  My brain was still in the middle of barfing to understand what she said at that point.  How is it, in this day and age, another woman assumed I was a homemaker?  She didn’t even offer the other options that were given for Hubby’s lack of occupation.  Am I supposed to be a homemaker?  How could I support my kitchen toy buying habits if I stayed at home?  Really?!?

I made some fish, hand breaded fresh fish, despite Smiling Woman’s assumptions.  Yes, I do work outside the home.  And, yes, I can make my own food thankyouverymuch!


Rinse the Pangasius fillets (one per person if they are a good size) in cool water and pat dry.  Place on a foil-lined cookie sheet.  Spread a thin layer of mayo over the top, followed by a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning and breadcrumbs.  Drizzle the breadcrumbs with olive oil.  Tuck asparagus around the edges of the pan.  Top with olive oil, garlic slivers and sea salt.

Set a 350ºF oven to simultaneously roast the asparagus and fish.  Everyone will be done at the same time, the asparagus will be soft, the fish will feel firm.  They trade textures!


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