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Uncorked is a cozy converted house on the east side of downtown Austin hosting a globetrotters’ gauntlet of wines. Choose your glass by country or use the icons on the wine menu to find a pallet pleasing wine. I’m not a wine savvy person but I know I prefer sweet, fruity flavors if I’m enjoying a glass in good company. The staff are more than helpful and friendly, just ask if you don’t know what to try!

uncorked moscato midnitechef.com

My first choice was right up my alley.

uncorked moscato midnitechef.com

A sweet moscato with peachy floral notes. This went down very easily. The second glass was a rose and a little dry. From what I do understand about wine, start light and work to darker older vintages. Thanks to Jordan Winery for the class at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop!


If you are looking for a special night with your sweetheart, Uncorked should be on your list.   Not just for Valentine’s Day (which is this FRIDAY), but any time you need to spend some time to converse over wine and nibbles.   The view of the high rises of downtown Austin is a splendid backdrop for your evening.

Uncorked is located at 900 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

(512) 524-2809




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The Koi greet everyone with open mouths.  They are happy to stay off the menu.

We requested a table at the back.  Word of advice, put in your order while your waiter seats you otherwise you are forgotten and you will fear they will never come back for you.  And the hot tea does not come with a small pot, it is simply a cup of tea.

Sushi Sashimi Lunch - Ichiban Austin

Hubby ordered the sushi sashimi combination lunch platter.  The nigiri is a fine selection of fish and a piece of imitation crab.  “That’s not right.” he said half way through lunch.  Houdini (aka the waiter) stopped by to see if we were still alive.  Hubby explained that imitation crab should not be on the plate or the menu should say something about it (it simply says 5 pieces of chef selected nigiri).  Not only did the server get an earful, he also spoke to the manager.  He knows what real crab is and it’s not the hotdog shaped atrocity he found himself facing at chow time.

I was embarrassed but I know the reason behind the action, in fact,  I AM the reason.  Hubby has picked up a taste for real crab in the time we’ve been together.  He wanted to go off at the restaurant like Chef Irvine does on his show, something like “You can’t serve fake fish at a SUSHI bar!”.  Point taken by the manager, he offered to replace the “crab” with salmon and forgo the $1 surcharge for swapping out the piece.

Special Combo - Ichiban Austin

“Just go with the flow.”  That’s my take on life, and in this situation I ate the damn imitation crab.

I thought that the Dragon Roll mentioned in the possible substitutions for a California roll was the one pictured on the menu of rolls.  On the picture menu it was called Red Dragon I saw no other dragons on the menu and went ahead and ordered it.  Nope, it’s the OTHER dragon roll with eel if I’m not mistaken?  Not what I was expecting.  Did I try to send it back?  No, I just ate it anyways and chalked it up to trying my first eel roll.

The House Roll, which was imitation crab roll dunked in tempura and fried, was good.  The crunch from the tempura helps mix things up a bit, textural wise.

Don’t mind having to take off my shoes to eat lunch.  As far as sushi places go, you might get a better sense of authentic Japanese/Korean dining here at Ichiban due to the ambiance, but you can find comparable service and platters elsewhere.  Lunch prices are decent (starts at $6.95 per person, bento boxes were $8.95 and up).  If we go back for another special lunch, I will try the bulgogi bento box.  Parking is a little tricky, I didn’t know it was a one way loop and went in through the exit confusing the lady leaving at the time.   The green carpet is a little distracting, but most older restaurants have tacky décor.

Ichiban Restaurant 7310 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

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Ho Ho Chinese BBQ is very similar to another Chinese restaurant in town, Din Ho Chinese BBQ.

Ho Ho is located off I-35 on the north side of Austin near Parmer Lane, for anyone in Round Rock this would be a drivable distance for really good Chinese.  If you want the best (in my opinion) you need to travel further south to Din Ho’s.

The first time Hubby and I ate here after they opened our waiter was a familiar face.  He’s an older gentleman, what’s left of his hair is grey, he is quiet and genuinely nice.  We asked if he works at Din Ho, he said he likes working at Ho Ho’s better.  Anything new, be it a new house or restaurant, always has that fresh appeal.  Ho Ho’s looks like a newer version of Din Ho’s, it’s not as dark and there are booths instead of purely tables and chairs.  We prefer a booth.  The tank of live fish can be stinky, but I will look it over to get a freshly filleted fish.  Straight from the water to the pan!

We met here for lunch, it was not busy and our “regular” waiter greeted us with his friendly smile.  I ordered the Orange Chicken, Hubby had a spicy fish dish.  The chicken had a delicate dredge of flour, the meat was moist and mostly from the breast.  Egg roll, soup and rice come with the lunch plates.  I usually get the won ton soup as the warm broth is so inviting.  The sauce for the chicken is sticky sweet and spicy, just as it should be.  This plate filled me up for 6.95$.  We will visit again and often!

Ho Ho Chinese BBQ @ 13000 N. IH 35, Bldg. 6 Austin, Texas 78753

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