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There are two books I want to tell you about.  The first is a cook book I won from Chef DeHome (thanks again for the beautiful book!).  It is Martha Stewart’s COOKIES and I love this book.  There is a picture of each and every cookie featured in the book.  If you are a fan of her Martha Stewart Living television program, you will remember watching some of these delectable confections come to life.  If only there was smell-a-vision.  At the end there is a section for wrapping your goodies to share with friends and family, all in Martha’s usual whimsical style of color co-ordinated boxes, tissue, and fabric.  I received the book just prior to leaving for the holidays and it was packed and ready to be used at Grandma’s house.  Turned out Grandma made snicker doodles and asked me to bake a cake for Christmas Eve, I read over the recipes during tea and cookie time.  The bonus is not having to download each cookie recipe from the web, now they are all in full color in one place.

The second book is Julie Klam‘s You Had Me At Woof! about her coming into adulthood being led by her trusty companions, Boston Terriers.  I saw this book at the store and Hubby caught me reading it.  I mentioned that it seemed like a good read and it was about Bostons.  Hubby took the very heavy hint and picked up a copy for Christmas.  I finished the book in a matter of days, even with two kids and my own fur baby to take care of.  If you love dogs, own a dog, or want a dog then read this book.  I was laughing, crying, then laughing again by the end.  I will avoid spoiling this quick read and just give it two paws up!

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Another spur of the moment short adventure close to home yesterday in Lockhart.

I finally managed to get everyone in the car early enough on a Saturday morning to get to the farmer’s market at Barton Creek Mall.  This is quite a hike from our house, nearly 30 minutes at 60mph.  Not exactly the closest market and probably the most retail of any I’ve visited.  The only thing we bought were two homemade fruit popsicles at 2.50$ a pop.  There’s not enough sunblock in the world to save me and Little Sister from the summer sun, especially Texas summer sun.  We had to pack up and skeedaddle as soon as the mango popsicles melted and consumed.  I was covered in bits of mango from Little Sister’s hands and face, I’m her napkin.  I wish I had bought some peaches, but there should be plenty in my regular grocery store as many local orchards sell to them.

Hubby mentioned Lockhart after we saw a piece about the best BBQ coming from Lockhart and all the German settlers of that area.  I was all for it.  BBQ here we come!

There were two predominant BBQ joints we saw: Black’s and Kreuz Market. Lines were long because we arrived just in time for the lunch rush, if there’s such thing as rushing in this heat, in this sleepy Podunk town.

(Above: Black’s BBQ       Below: Kreuz Market)

The queue was out the door at Black’s so we doubled back to Kreuz Market.  The motorcycle weekend festival is happening in Austin and it attracts thousands of hogs and their riders every year.  Many bikers venture to surrounding areas, including our suburbia and Lockhart.  A few bikers arrived as we did so I snapped a photo or two.

The Biker Co-patrons

Bikes @ Kreuz Market

Pepper was part of the clan today and she was happy to meet someone smaller than her.  A friendly dog owner was waiting outside the market for her family, attending to the two black and white Chihuahuas she had with her.  Little Sister loves all dogs, and Chihuahuas resemble puppies even as they age.  The lady was once a resident of Lockhart and missed the small town BBQ, we asked what she recommended at Kreuz… beef ribs (which are not common), prime rib and beef shoulder.  We tried the shoulder along with some ham and sausage.  All of it was delicious.

To our most pleasant surprise, a classic car show was happening within some sort of summer festival down town.  I jumped out of the car to quickly take some pictures of the neat old cars.  I thought my dad would appreciate some of these, as he loves antique cars and still has at least one from his collection.  His car looks very similar to this one:

Every little town in Texas has at least one antique shop, Lockhart was no exception.  The last stop of our introductory tour was the Antique store. They had three old carriages in the back storage area.  Those snapshots are included in the slide show below…

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