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As you can see I’ve been learning the art of bibimbap, a Korean dish that is basically rice with what ever I have in the kitchen that looks good.  All three of these were a combination of rice + vegetables + egg.  I’m not sure there is a wrong way to go about this.  I read up on the basics on Herbivoracious, did a few Google searches for images and gave it my best shot.  Even bought….tofu (something I never thought I would do because of a kitchen disaster in high school at my BFF’s house when she tried making me eat tofu before I was ready, Mom said don’t feed me tofu when I come visit!  Aversions to wet slimy bland mush runs in the family I guess!).  Another reason for this experiment is lamenting my friends who moved to Korea this month.

The first plate (above) had all cooked, at least sautéed, vegetables.  This included yellow pepper, green beans, cauliflower, and onion.  Weird, yes, but it worked.  Without the proper Korean condiment I made a ponzu hot sauce mixture and drizzled it over everything.  I survived.


The second round was made with raw vegetables, baby kale salad mix and English cucumber.  I enjoyed the contrast in texture and temperatures.  Also used gochujang this time.  I can see why some people want to chug this stuff, I suggested thinning it out with vodka first.  Haven’t heard back on that one.


Last one to tell you about is the full boat.  Fried tofu with sesame seeds, sautéed yellow bell pepper and green onion, raw bell pepper and the tips of green onion, baby kale salad, avocado, (tomato that I added halfway through eating after I realized I left it in the fridge), fried rice and egg.  The gochujang is under the egg so it mixed with the rice.  Man, this was good and so filling!  I can’t even think about dessert, not even a handful of blueberries.  I’m stuffed.


Look, Mom, it’s tofu!  If you can handle curry this should be delicious.  I’ll stick to my word…no sneaky tofu.


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