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Simple Mexican Dinner

Any day of the week is great for fajitas!  In our local grocery store, as well as the Mexican markets, you can pick up seasoned flank or skirt steak ready to cook.  I like to pile on pico de gallo and avocado slices (guacamole is reserved for the not-so-pretty avocados).  I make a pot of beans on the weekend to see us through the week as a quick snack for the kids (and big people too).  The beans are sorted and rocks removed before heading for a very long simmer in a bath of onion, garlic, chili pods and bay leaf.  There should be about 3 to 4 times the amount of water to beans in the pot so that there is a broth left when the beans have plumped up and finished cooking.


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Taco Cabana (literally translated to taco shack) has become of my weaknesses in the realm of drive-thru restaurants.    I thought of Taco Bell and  the gross almost-beef crap that they use and feared I would be caught in a reoccurring nightmare.  Not so.  I also had a flashback to my first year as a university student who worked on campus at the Taco Time.  This was before I realized how much homework I would have to do in engineering, versus the art students who were my co-workers.  I was very sorry that I had to quit in my first month of part-time employment, but my manager understood.

If you visit me, you must try Taco Cabana.   They use real meat and have awesome soft tacos and fajitas. 

What’s also great is using leftovers for a quick lunch.  Take some shredded lettuce and pile on the steak fajita strips, guacamole, and shredded cheese – voilà, a steak salad!  I made an iced coffee to drink along with my salad.  It was glorious until the kids found me and stole my steak strips, guess they are trying to tell me to slim down.

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A quick but very filling lunch of tacos, rice, and a type of curried veggies.  I went easy with the spices for the Aloo Gobi, Indian is still a learning curve for me but Aarti helps shorten the leap across the pond(s).

The pork was a small portion of shoulder that I reserved for lunch, it was tossed in fajita seasoning and sea salt.  I have a stash of chopped vegetables in the freezer so that

a) I don’t need to go shopping as often and

b) they won’t wilt and mold away because they were forgotten in the back of the fridge , or

c)  I can actually stock up on “fresh” foods when they go on sale. 

I pulled out a few slices of red pepper out of the freezer and tossed them in the pan with the pork after the first flip.  The tacos are very simple: pork, peppers, salsa on a whole wheat tortillas.

The Aloo Gobi is made with ginger, garlic, cumin, curry powder (which I substituted for turmeric), coriander, cauliflower, and potato.  Check out Aarti’s recipe here.  I would use a firmer potato, like reds, so they don’t break apart and go all fuzzy and stick to the pan.  I’m still battling with turmeric as it makes my whole face numb, so I used a little curry powder instead.  I also used just a little of the spices, I only had half of a huge head of cauliflower and two russet potatoes.  The dish smells wonderful and has the bright yellow tinge of color from the turmeric.  If only I had naan to go with it!

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