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There’s something completely backwards about me that weirds hubby out.  When the temperature drops I reach for the coldest snack in the house: ice cream.  Down south, in summer, while it’s well into the 98°F daily average, ice cream becomes too heavy to eat.  Not that I’m a lame duck and can’t possibly lift the container out of the freezer, no I mean you can taste that it’s heavy, fat laden, creamy delicious… uh anywho. 

Maybe it’s because 80% of the time back home, there was snow or ice everywhere.  I needed more calories just for shivering at the LRT station.  The best part was, I’ve found out now that I’ve been in Texas a while, ice cream didn’t melt on the way home from the store.  If you weren’t careful and threw it in the back of your pickup it might have fused itself to the bare metal belly of the box. 

This strange connection I have to ice-cold white fluff goes all the way back to when I was little.  I got into a serious fight with my sibling over a spoon because we were sharing a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  If we were lucky enough to have Neapolitan, all that was left was the sad strip of vanilla.  We routinely scavenged granny’s freezer during our visits, she kept a small container or box on hand for her grand kids, along with stale cones.  Pink stale cones. 

Thankfully, we can afford a small quantity of high quality ice cream these days.  Any flavour without nuts is welcome to our freezer, no matter what the weather is doing outside.  I made this sundae with a wedge of flourless chocolate cake, banana, cookie swirl vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Heaven.

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Claire Robinson, Food Network Chef, is introduced by Central Market at the Texas Book Festival

The Texas Book Festival included a cooking tent hosted by Central Market, this was the setting of Claire Robinson‘s presentation.

Claire showed the audience how to prepare a roast chicken with fennel and onions, as well as a flourless chocolate cake (I will try this for Sierra’s birthday party!).  Her style is informative and laid back at the same time.  A warm energy surrounds Claire.

Her family once lived in Dallas and Houston, this festival was her first visit to Texas since those childhood days.  Claire lovingly commented that Texas is hot and everything really is bigger here!

She lives in New York with her dog, Newman, who shares her tiny kitchen akin to the size Julia Child used to write Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  She started out on Food Network as production staff for Michael Chiarello.  There was also a time that she was working with Martha Stewart and had a whisk thrown at her.  Claire survived to go on to host her own show, 5 Ingredient Fix.  The first few seasons of 5 Ingredient Fix were shot in a friend’s kitchen. Her friend received some upgraded appliances and she continued shooting there until the current season (5) where a set has been built for her show.

Claire Robinson in Austin Texas

Chef Claire Robinson explains how to roast a chicken

One of her favorite restaurants in NYC is Ippudo (Japanese noodles).
Claire is planning to run a marathon in the spring, she has already completed a half-marathon. It’s no wonder she can stay that petite!

Yours truely and Claire Robinson

Having the opportunity to meet Claire was the highlight of the whole weekend.  She is very friendly and encouraging.  Thank you Claire for visiting Austin!

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