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Salmon Baked with Garlic

It’s been too long since we’ve had salmon for dinner.  I found a beautiful wild sockeye at my local market on sale, I couldn’t resist.

Succulent sockeye salmon only requires a few ingredients: garlic, salt, pepper and baking for 10 minutes per inch of thickness at 325-350ºF.

This fish could be the one I had to throw back during our fishing trip many moons ago.  It was August and sockeye season had ended for the year.  We caught a Chinook, King, and my Sockeye in the wee morning hours on the water.  I always though of the ocean like the jewel tone sparkling waters and white sandy beaches you see in advertisements for the Bahamas and Mexico.  Those Canadian fjords full of salmon were dark, cold and deep.  They seemed especially ominous while the sun scraped the far side of the costal mountains.  Everything was covered in a blanket of mist and fog in the distance along the shores.  Most shores were straight drop-offs, the mountains and cliffs provided no shelves to cling to above the black abyss.

My new goal is to return to the west coast to kayak with Orcas.  It’s on my growing list of things I want to achieve in life.

Have you made a list of goals?  Tell me about some of them in the comments!

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