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Fish is one area where I don’t stray far from my very beaten path.  I love salmon.  How could you blame me if this was what hooked Hubby to my cooking, and after a while, to me.  There is truth to the saying “too much of a good thing”, when I come home to a gigantic fillet of salmon that could feed an army and their allies, perhaps a few foes as well.  Too much salmon is too much salmon.  Smaller doses of Omega-3’s suit me just fine, no matter how low the sale was at the fish monger’s corner of the store.

I baked the whole sucker.  Half with BBQ sauce, all of it covered in salt, pepper and freshly minced garlic.  Sauté some turnip greens (a very cheap way to get more of those beneficial dark green veggies into your diet) with onion and butter, and make your favorite rice.  Dinner is served!

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