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Easter Fiesta

Tried some wine, the Moscato was quite sweet and peachy (as expected), the Unoaked chardonnay was crisp and not too dry, and the red was shy on tannin (which I like actually). Who doesn’t love a rooster on your bottle of wine, ha! I bought all of these at Sprouts on sale.

Each paired nicely with dishes I prepared. The Chardonnay with the herb roasted turkey breast. The red with the spiral honey ham. The Moscato with the apple cinnamon crisp (a la mode  ). 

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My friends were welcome to bring something as a side, they brought mac’n’cheese (David’s recipe, which rocks because he puts Cheezits on top… I still have to try to replicate it!), green bean casserole, and apple pie tarts.  We could have fed an army!

It’s not the same as my family gatherings back home in Alberta, with a dish of every sort and cousins to match.  But Mom was here at least and my best friends, Stephanie and David, were enough to have a great time.  I love sharing my kitchen.

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Pie crust and pastry dough is not a forté of mine, at least not yet.  I take the help of pre-made pastry dough when I can.  The trouble is, there’s always two rounds per box and pumpkin pie only requires one.  What to do with the second crust?  Make a handsome pot pie, that’s what!

Here’s what I did.

Cut up one washed bunch of asparagus and put them in a casserole dish with diced ham.  Then I made a roux.  Added thyme, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to the roux.  Poured in some milk and stirred until the sauce thickened up.  Pour this over the asparagus and ham.

Top the casserole with shredded aged cheddar (this was a Kerigold White Aged Cheddar), the stronger the cheese the less you need to use.  I could have used half and achieved a better balance, this stuff is pungent!  Top the cheese with the pastry dough.

Go ahead and make it presentable.  I even made leaves out of the trimmings, how cute, eh?  Egg wash the crust.  Bake at 350ºF for 45 minutes or until the crust is evenly brown and crispy.

I made the mistake of adding another splash of milk before putting on the crust.  Should not have done that because the sauce broke and there was all this liquid in the bottom (probably from the asparagus).  At least Hubby ate it, he actually finished the whole pot pie the next day.  That’s what makes me happy, a full Hubby and room in the fridge to store my next disaster!  So lesson learned: make a very thick sauce and use less asparagus.  Maybe mushrooms would work instead.


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The first recipe I saw that I knew had to be made as soon as possible was the Brown Sugar Glazed Ham.

I’ve never cooked a ham before, eaten plenty though on the farm.  A glazed ham with sides of vegetables and potatoes is not too common in Texas, at least the bits I’ve been in.  Pork butt (shoulder) smoked for hours over mesquite or oak is proper in these parts.  BBQ has always been one of my favorite ways to prepare meats, sometimes whole meals while camping in the summer.

Ham is something else and needs to have a place at this Texas family table more often.

Slice of heaven…

The ham had the perfect salty-sweet combination of flavours.  I wish I had some home-made mustard to go with this in a sandwich!  You can check out Austin Gastronomist’s blog for a beer mustard recipe.

Here is the book (click on the image to go to Amazon) which includes the recipe for the Brown Sugar Glazed Ham.

While Paula was in Austin, she told her audience that this sort of cooking is not for every day.  Save this for get togethers or Sunday dinners.  I could probably eat something from this cook book everyday of the week until I’ve tried every recipe, then start over again, but I might double in girth.  If you eat sensibly and listen to those “full tummy” messages from your body, you could cook like a Southern Belle everyday and eat like a bird.  Just be sure there are plenty of folks around to eat the remainder and spread the love of a good ‘ol fashioned home cooked meal.

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Guess you could call this a lazy frittata  It wasn’t finished in the oven under the broiler, I simply put a lid on the pan to melt the cheese and get the eggs to steam to well done (we are serving this to Little Sister after all).  I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms these days, although my mom would tell you otherwise about the younger version of me.  I would devour an entire brown bag before she could put away the groceries.  Mushrooms and canned green beans have fallen out of my go-to ingredient list.  If it weren’t for Hubby, they would both be banned from my kitchen.  But he likes that sort of thing.

For the eggs with ham, mushrooms and cheddar, you will need about an egg and a half per person, diced ham, diced mushrooms and sharp cheddar cheese.  I usually warm up the ham and mushrooms first.  Whisk the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper.  Pour the eggs over the ham and mushrooms, stirring gently, remove from heat.  Top with cheddar (slices or grated) and put a lid on it.  The residual heat should finish cooking the egg and melt the cheese.

This is a part of a wholesome breakfast any day of the week.

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