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My homeland is still suffering from frost-licked weather and spring break is around the corner.   The icy cold beckons my mind and there’s only one cure… ice cream!

I could just grab a small bowl of ice cream but that would be boring and I would have nothing to write about!

Nope.  A step above simple is my mantra.  Not complete gourmet over-the-top dessert either.  Something satisfying, yet 27º from the central norm.

This is a triple chocolate ice cream sandwich.  Take two chocolate chocolate chip cookies (use this cookie recipe for perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies and add about 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder or until the dough looks chocolate-y enough) and fill with chocolate ice cream.  Serve with fresh mint and strawberry syrup, for a touch of glam.

Put the mint leaves inside the sandwich – I dare you.

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