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I saw a post on In Search of Bees blog about making dairy-free ice cream.  I’m in the middle of trying to convince Hubby that I want need must have an ice cream maker.  The Thai Tea Ice Cream sounded so good that I had to start experimenting, ice cream machine or not.

The recipe is only three ingredients: coconut milk, tea, sugar.  How could this go wrong, I thought.

Oh, but it did…

The can of coconut milk was not milk at all.  I read the label again after opening the can and seeing something that resembled hair gel.  Coconut Cream?  It didn’t look like cream of any sort!  It was sweet and thick, and the can was already open, so I kept going.

I have a box of Indian Chai in the cupboard waiting to be brewed, steeped and enjoyed.  I made a sachet for the chai and put in the pot of simmering coconut cream.  Nothing happened, there was not a hint of diffusion of the dark spicy tea out to the coconut.  The cream was too thick and did not let any flavour out of the bag.  I opened the stupid bag and poured the chai into the pot.  There.  Now do something!

Instantly you could smell the chai and coconut.  How the heck am I going to get the tea out now?!?  A sieve might work.  Cupboards, drawers, nooks, and crannies did not possess the one tool I needed desperately, and right now.  I only have one wire strainer that was to be my sieve for this experiment, and it’s lost.  So much for mise en place, eh?

I turned to the closest thing in my kitchen with small holes: my cheese grater.  It wasn’t perfect but it managed to catch the bigger clumps of chai as the auburn coconut cream cascaded over it into a bowl.  There’s still chai bits in the bowl.  I picked out the chai, painstakingly, one little piece of crud at a time.  What did remain would stay in the ice cream.

The sticky chai coconut caramel mixture was poured into a freezer bag and plopped into the freezer.  I went to sleep.

This morning I checked on the chai “ice cream”.  It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t look frozen.  I’m afraid to taste it now.  In the spirit of experimentation, I tried it.  It has a caramel overtone and a heavy sweetness, too sweet to be consumed alone.  So I made coffee…

The coffee with the failed ice cream wasn’t all together unpleasant, still on the sweet side though.  Let’s call it the ice-coffee-coconut-chai-escape.  The kids seemed to like this concoction more than I did.

Lesson for today:  coconut cream is not the same as coconut milk.

To-do list: Buy coconut milk and a wire mesh strainer.  Don’t forget the ice cream maker.

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A botched attempt at getting to the front of the line at the post office to get passports needed a chocolate remedy.  There’s a cupcake place in north Austin that I’ve been wanting to check out for sometime.  Today seemed like the perfect day.

While I was eyeing the cupcakes, Boston Cream looked downright delicious.  I held back and got chocolate ice cream for the kids.

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If you are a pumpkin pie lover, this is for you!

Pumpkin ice cream by Dreyer’s is creamy and tastes like pumpkin pie that is covered in whipped cream.  The spices are subtle enough that my kids didn’t bock at it.  Now I have to bake a pumpkin pie to have with the Pumpkin Ice Cream!  There goes my waistline…

This ice cream was a last-minute gamble at the grocery store that paid off.  Too bad they won’t be making this flavour all year round, maybe I should stock up the freezer!

Not a paid advertisement.  I did not receive free products.  Just wanted to tell y’all about this!



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There’s something completely backwards about me that weirds hubby out.  When the temperature drops I reach for the coldest snack in the house: ice cream.  Down south, in summer, while it’s well into the 98°F daily average, ice cream becomes too heavy to eat.  Not that I’m a lame duck and can’t possibly lift the container out of the freezer, no I mean you can taste that it’s heavy, fat laden, creamy delicious… uh anywho. 

Maybe it’s because 80% of the time back home, there was snow or ice everywhere.  I needed more calories just for shivering at the LRT station.  The best part was, I’ve found out now that I’ve been in Texas a while, ice cream didn’t melt on the way home from the store.  If you weren’t careful and threw it in the back of your pickup it might have fused itself to the bare metal belly of the box. 

This strange connection I have to ice-cold white fluff goes all the way back to when I was little.  I got into a serious fight with my sibling over a spoon because we were sharing a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  If we were lucky enough to have Neapolitan, all that was left was the sad strip of vanilla.  We routinely scavenged granny’s freezer during our visits, she kept a small container or box on hand for her grand kids, along with stale cones.  Pink stale cones. 

Thankfully, we can afford a small quantity of high quality ice cream these days.  Any flavour without nuts is welcome to our freezer, no matter what the weather is doing outside.  I made this sundae with a wedge of flourless chocolate cake, banana, cookie swirl vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Heaven.

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Since starting to blog about my kitchen experiments I have found others with the same passion for food.  One provided a recipe for these frozen lime watermelon bars.  It looked so cool and refreshing on ateenagegourmet‘s blog that I wanted to try it.  

Lime Ginger Watermelon Bars 

I made the watermelon layer with only the fruit itself, the melon we had was so sweet and dense it didn’t need any help.  The semifreddo has two limes worth of zest and a good teaspoon of crystalized ginger added.  Just because I like ginger.  Ben liked the watermelon layer and thought it belonged on top. 


Either way, we all enjoyed a cool snack when we arrived home on a very hot Texan day!  Even Sierra had a little taste.
Thanks Sam for the great recipe 🙂

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