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Since reading more about High Fructose Cornsyrup, I’ve slowed down consumption of pop.  A health-conscience choice to treat my body with more natural foods and less chemicals and altered ingredients.  If I buy juice boxes for lunches and excursions for the kids, I’m looking at the ingredient list searching for those with no HFC and 100% fruit or vegetable juice.  Manufacturers are listening to consumers, or rather watching what smart consumers, um well, consume.

I know IZZE has been around for a while (2002), but I just noticed the box at Costco today.  It reminded me of Koala sparkling juices from my childhood, the best thing since homemade root beer.  I can’t find Koala drinks down here.  After careful inspection, no HFC, I took a case home.  The kids loved it, and the cans are small (8.4 fl oz) so it’s a nice little treat.  The treat was really for me and my nostalgia.

While trying to take this picture, little hands were just out of view.  It’s hard to keep these guys a secret for long.   “These are for Mommy!”.  They know I will share no matter how much I protest.

Sigh.  Yes, I am a sucker for bright shiny packaging.  However, if you have a look at IZZE.com to see what the company is doing, you will feel even better than having a craving fix for sweet fizz.  IZZE is partnered with Global Education Fund sending children to school who could otherwise not afford to.  I think this is just fantastic!

What products have you found and love who partner up with charity?


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