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Sushi A lunch with Alaskan Roll

Sushi A lunch with Alaskan Roll (click for map)

sushi sake Sushi Sake sits along the frontage access road of Research Blvd. in north Austin’s Gateway Shopping Center. An unassuming place with surprisingly good food. It was clean and orderly, staff was friendly, complete with sushi bar or table seating. I had the “Sushi A Combo” for lunch with an upgrade to the Alaskan Roll for $1 more, a total of $12.95 for miso soup, salad, a roll and five generous sashimi pieces. Not bad at all. The roll was a little thin compared to Midori, but the fish was fresh and cucumber was crisp. The wasabi and ginger were presented family style and were also pungent (in the best way). There were a few younger guests in the next section enjoying bowls of noodles. Not a buzzing restaurant, but sometimes that can be a relief from the constant chatter of the world. Maybe it’s busier at night, who knows! I think I will go back again, it’s convenient for lunch.


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