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Picked ripe from the vine tomato, basil, arugula, and lettuce.  A deliciously fresh salad will be my dinner tonight!  That little green house is working like magic.

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chicken ceasar a la midnite chef

chicken caesar a la midnite chef

We found this awesome garlic spread at Costco recently, it makes a quick garlic bread out of any fresh or left over bread you have lying around.  I tried some sprinkled on my favorite salad: chicken caesar!  My croutons are two halves of a bolio roll, covered in softened butter (a good tablespoon) and a shake of garlic spread.  Put this under the broiler on low (or place the pan further away from the broiler if you only have one setting) until the edges are lightly browned.  You will smell this garlic parmesan and mediterranean herb blend as soon as it’s ready. 

The chicken is simply browned in a pan with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and for a hint of added herbage: ajwain.  (Since I have a whole jar of this, I’m trying it on anything that suits the flavour of an oregano-thyme sort of cousin) 

I remember going out to Vancouver Island when I graduated from SAIT.  My dad and brother came with me to Vancouver.  We visited my uncle Byron on the island, he had this huge magnolia tree in the back yard.  My brother and I took pictures of the giant tree and other odd flora not typically seen on the prairies.  Meanwhile, uncle Byron was whipping up a caesar salad for us.  I wish I knew his secret because his salad was the best!  I know the dressing was made completely from scratch in a wooden bowl which would retain the garlic and what ever else was in it.  It’s worth the trip up there, if he will prepare it again… and I’ll bring my notepad.

For now I’ll settle for this plate of fresh romain, gently browned chicken breast, and toasty garlic bolio bread.

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