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My neighbour was over for a visit while I was baking this Key Lime Cake I saw on Food Network recently.  The adults liked it better than any of our kids!  Making cream cheese frosting is quick and easy (plus it’s all natural and tastes so much better than the canned stuff).

No recipe is perfect, I find this especially true with recipes on Food Network.  Look at the comments before you try something.  This cake had too much oil, or the recipe writer/baker was heavy on the flour.  Everyone said to use less oil, I followed their lead and the cake wasn’t too oily or too dry.  Get the original recipe from the link then use my suggestions>

Key Lime Cake Recipe

My notes:

  • Use only 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • Add lime zest from about 6 key limes to the batter
  • Replace the orange juice with 1/4 cup lime juice + 1/2 cup So Good light coconut milk
  • Reduce the glaze in half (1/4 cup lime juice + 1/4 cup confectioners sugar)
  • Cut the baked cake in half and stack them together with about a cup of frosting between the layers.  Continue frosting as usual.

The frosting was made with Ideal sugar-free confectioner’s sugar (16 oz.), 8 oz cream cheese, 1/2 cup butter, vanilla and lime juice (just enough to make a smooth frosting).

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Mother Clucking Good!

I was appointed the task of roasting a chicken which my hubby thawed for me.  How could I flavour this clucker and keep it from drying out in the oven?  There must be something around here… Lime.  Garlic. Butter.  Perfect.

I shave a few slices of lime, right from the center so they are nice and juicy.  The garlic gets a similar treatment.  The thin pieces, along with butter, fresh rosemary, pepper and sea salt are pushed under the skin of the breasts and legs – as far as they can go.  The cavity was sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, then stuffed with moisture rich ingredients: the ends of the limes, hunks of onion, and smashed garlic cloves.  Top the bird off with butter or olive oil, salt and pepper.  You’ve got yourself a mother cluckn’ good chicken.

I guess I put too much stuff under the skin, since this one got away on me and split open.  Nevertheless, the breast meat was moist and had a hint of lime and garlic.  Also note it was roasted on a rack inside the pan, this lets the fat drip away (hence why the butter is needed).  Is butter that much better than chicken fat?  Roasting is better than deep-frying, I can say that much.  

By the time this little chic was finished, it was about 11:30-something at night.  The only bad thing about it was that the boys were waiting, ever so patiently, for this chicken for supper.  Sorry guys, next time I’ll have to start earlier!

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Weapon of Choice

What is your weapon of choice for zesting?

Currently I have three options, none of which I really like. 

Box graters tend to make quick work of a lime however most of the precious zest is stuck to the spurs.  Carrot (veggie) peelers can be too dull and are awkward to handle.  I tend to get too much of the bitter layer when using this method.  Small sharp knives are inherently dangerous since they are sharp as heck if you have a good quality one.  If you have decent knife skills, this is a good way to slice off the thin layer of zest of lemons and oranges.  I have yet to zest a lime with a knife.

Where’s the handy zester tool?  Good question!  Maybe Santa will read this and I’ll get one for Christmas…

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Since starting to blog about my kitchen experiments I have found others with the same passion for food.  One provided a recipe for these frozen lime watermelon bars.  It looked so cool and refreshing on ateenagegourmet‘s blog that I wanted to try it.  

Lime Ginger Watermelon Bars 

I made the watermelon layer with only the fruit itself, the melon we had was so sweet and dense it didn’t need any help.  The semifreddo has two limes worth of zest and a good teaspoon of crystalized ginger added.  Just because I like ginger.  Ben liked the watermelon layer and thought it belonged on top. 


Either way, we all enjoyed a cool snack when we arrived home on a very hot Texan day!  Even Sierra had a little taste.
Thanks Sam for the great recipe 🙂

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