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Bluebonnets and Nachos remind me that I’m not in Canada anymore.

We are steadily approaching the nine-year mark of my immigration to Texas.  Ironically, my first day on the job was Canada Day.  Everyone back home was enjoying the warmth of the elusive summer season while I sorted out paperwork for HR.  One of my colleagues was from my neck of the planet and told me that there are others in town, other ex-pats, and there would still be a celebration that evening.  The CIA (Canadians In Austin) throw parties at pubs who will have them.  There’s a lot of red, white, and Labatt’s Blue at these shindigs.  One time they had imported cheese curd and prepared poutine as part of a special CIA menu, I had two orders and reveled in their cheesy gravy glory.

Personally, it’s a lot of work to duplicate most of the holidays except Thanksgiving.  Turkey dinner with several festive side dishes is welcome any time at my house!  I’ve kept up Thanksgiving in October, when it should be held, every year and don’t plan on stopping.

Fields of purple clover and golden canola have been replaced by bluebonnets and whatever those other weeds wildflowers are.  Poutine, one of my favorite mini-meals to keep you going during -20ºC weather, has been replaced with corn tortilla chips covered in cheese and mashed avocado (a.k.a guacamole) on the side.

The upside to warmer days (and nights) in Texas is the ability to grow more variety in your garden, and longer growing seasons.  I plucked fresh cilantro and chives for the nachos straight from the yard.  A few extra bugs are acceptable instead of shoveling snow, too.


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