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The answer is…. almost.

New websites and companies love to market to people like me.  I will take almost anything offered for free these days, then again in the state of the economy, wouldn’t you?

I received an email from Papa John’s Pizza telling me I have won a free pizza.  Almost free actually.  Tax, delivery and optional tip were not included.  Given that I had enough points as a repeat customer for a second free pizza, this wasn’t that bad of a deal.  4 bucks for dinner and probably lunch tomorrow too?  Heck yeah!  Mind you, we avoid the greasy pepperoni and opt for grilled chicken instead.  This won’t get around the fat in the cheese and whatever they put into the crust to make it so darn tasty, but it’s (almost) free!

Another nearly free item I picked up was a Krups coffee/spice grinder as a gift for my mother-in-law.  I was going to get this for her last year and missed the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that I was hoping to catch.  It completely slipped under and around the radar (this can happen when there is a rampant toddler in the house).  Well, this little present for grandma is now on its way to her house thanks to OpenSky, and it was FREE!  OpenSky gives you credit just for signing up and it was enough to actually buy an item on Martha Stewart’s page outright, plus a few dollars to pay for half the shipping.  So again, for 4 bucks I found something I wanted.

Click here to visit OpenSky and shop for your gifts!

I’m hip to this idea too.  I’ve just opened a home business baking Finnish breads and cookies and to help my customer list grow I’m offering a buy 1 get 1 deal until the end of 2011.  So for all you local readers in Austin and Round Rock, check out my bakery page!

 I was not asked to review or comment on the above mentioned companies or products.  These are my opinions! 

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