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This is an appetizer I came across in Martha Stewart’s Entertaining book, circa 1998.   These stuffed snow peas caught my eye for an attractive spring treat.  If it wasn’t so darned hot in Texas I might try to grow my own snow peas, green beans sort of worked last year until the drought set in.

Here is how I used Martha’s snow peas to inspire this little bite.

  • cream cheese, room temperature or at least until it’s workable
  • Epicure “3 Onion Dip Mix”  (about 1 tsp per 2 oz cream cheese)
  • 1 tbsp mayo (per 2 oz cream cheese)
  • dash hot sauce

Mix the above until well blended.  Set aside.  Strip the string off the front of the snow pea pods and carefully cut it open but not all the way in half.  Pipe the cream cheese mixture into the opened pods.  Chill before serving.  2 oz of cream cheese will easily fill a dozen pods, any leftovers can be snacked on later with a few crackers.

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Tuna Steak and Orange Peas

It was late and I wanted a quick meal out of the freezer.  Passing up the frozen leftover pasta and ice cream, I grabbed the chunk of yellow fin that didn’t end up as sushi and the peas.

The orange zest was nearly omitted but I’m glad the citrus note was there.  Just a slight tang in the background, it helps you forget that this meal was an iceberg a few minutes earlier.  A small pat of butter melted on the peas, because you can’t eat peas without butter, that would be wrong and the French Canadian woman in me would be very disappointed if you didn’t.

The tuna was still raw in the center, as you can see from the blurry picture.  Put a good amount of freshly cracked pepper on both sides.  Get a pan smokin’ hot and sear top and bottom of that little fish fillet.  Peppery heat and cool center will play your taste buds like a harpstring.

Need not mention… only eat raw seafood that is supposed to be eaten raw, handle with the up most care, and don’t give this to little ones or granny just to be safe.

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