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This time we tried one of the strangest things on the menu, actually two sea creatures. Abalone and Sea Cucumber.

Meet Mr. Abalone: 
He’s a big fat snail of sorts, a mollusk sort.
Slightly rubbery. Strange ocean aftertaste.

Meet Mr. Sea Cucumber: 

He’s very soft and squishy. The texture is very much like a cooked cucumber with a fishy flavor mixed in. Weird, I know, but I was surprized how much I ate.

To round out the dish is a beautiful presentation of baby bok choi and black mushrooms. I don’t really go for mushrooms in general, but these were so dense and meaty.

Horray for trying something new!  Now where’s my ice cream?

Ho Ho Chinese BBQ is located at 13000 N I -35,  Austin, TX 78753 (Next to Red Robin).


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If you watch as much Food Network as I do, you might recall this young chef from last season…

Chef Brad Sorenson’s latest endeavor is a restaurant with a casual vibe due to open later this summer.   At the Austin F00d & Wine festival he was handing out samples of chicken molé, which was delicious, on locally made bean chips from Beanitos.  The chips are made with non-GMO ingredients, namely bean flour.  Something better for your body that actually tastes good!  It didn’t hurt to have a savory topper made by a local celebrity chef.

Sorry ladies, Brad is spoken for.  His girlfriend was also at the festival helping greet patrons milling around the tasting tents.

On working together: both agreed that working at the same restaurant would not be the best idea.  Probably even truer when you have to slave in a hot kitchen for hours on end, you don’t want to take that stress into a relationship.

Chef Sorenson is happy to return to Austin and excited to open his restaurant in August.

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