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In Canada the summers are short and typically rainy.  During the few stints of sunny days, the kiddy pool was filed and my brother armed himself with the water hose.  Our deck off the living room was stained a dark chestnut-brown.  The sun would make the wood incredibly warm.  We would soak our feet in the pool on the patio then make footprints on the deck, how fast they faded told us how hot the day was.  Besides the cool water to douse each other with, my mom would make us floats to cure us from the heat.

The floats were commonly made with homemade root beer and vanilla ice cream.  I remember how sweet and creamy they were, and my brother and I asked for seconds.

This summer was a revival for the float.  I don’t have home-brewed root beer, nor do I have vanilla ice cream.  That didn’t matter one bit though.  I used what we had on hand: Sprite and sherbet.  The kids loved it, albeit Big Brother didn’t understand at first why we were putting sherbet in a cup instead of a bowl.

I liked the strawberry sherbet with the citrus of the pop.  Ice cream, since moving to the south, is reserved for winter.  The lighter fruity sherbet (or sorbet) are better for 100 degree weather.  I will have to make the original float with root beer and rich vanilla ice cream for the kids at some point.  It’s a classic.

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