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Nites Out: Sprouts Market

Sprouts Market is not a place you can sit down and enjoy a tasty organically fed roast beef on rye.  It is however somewhere you can pick up a tasty organically fed roast beef on rye and eat it in your car or take back to work and have your colleagues peek around the tiny cubicle walls to see what you’re eating.  Jealousy achieved.

Today I found a meatloaf with veggies on sale for $2.99, cheaper than drive-thru and healthier too.  Having access to a fridge and microwave at the office is a much-needed resource if I’m going to maintain a curvy figure sans deep-fried lunches.

Wednesdays is the best day to pop into Sprouts, it’s double deal day.  This is the day of the week that two full color flyers collide, those in the know will be milling around eagle eyeing the sale tags throughout the store.  My plan was to pick up blueberries and avocados, two of our favorites.  You can’t send me, a food blogger and fruit freak, to a grocery store without a few “extras” ending up in the cart.  My only squabble about Sprouts is the lack of bulk quinoa flakes, they have the whole grains but not the flakes.

Who could pass up a deep purple eggplant for 88 cents?  Oranges for 49 cents a pound, pshhh!  Texas grapefruit 4 for a dollar, getouttaheeere!

And I have to pick out some treats for the kids, right?  Yogurt covered raisins, dried apple, and toffee coated peanuts.  Buy a little or a lot from the bulk isles.  You’ll have to dig your way through the elderly people who tend to look at every single bin, then ask each other “Are we needing some rice, dear?”  It’s cute and I hope that I will be there with my dearest in our golden years, but not on Wednesdays when the store is buzzing with working people on lunch breaks who are just there for the blueberries.


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