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For as long as I can remember, cheese and crackers with a side of dill pickles was the snack plate of choice growing up.  I was dragged to countless Lion’s Club, Toastmasters, and potlucks as a kid.  My brother and I looked forward to creating the perfect glass of “swamp water” and playing hide-and-seek on the main floor of the community hall, where most of these functions took place.  Weddings were always upstairs.  The meetings and communal gatherings were held in the basement, in the open space in front of the caterer’s kitchen.

While attending weddings of my elder cousins, there was a second round of food.  This was typical for my family, and since two of my aunts were caterers, many other families would have experienced the same routine.  The late night snack, I think, was a way for people to eat the leftover roast and keep a good food-to-drink ratio until the party ended.  With my husband’s family, there is a similar ritual, only the fare is different.  Back home we had rolls, cold cuts, cheese, pickles, maybe a salad and desserts.  Down South this is rice, beans, and possibly menudo.  Menudo is said to help ease the transition in the morning.

(from left) Kerrigold aged white cheddar, polish pickles, colby cheese, honeycrisp apple

After moving away from home, the ritual continued in my apartment.  When I worked evenings as a security guard, this was often my snack after work.  To this day I’ve maintained my affinity for cheese.  My children also love cheese.  Any block of cheese in the fridge will never last long enough to grow unsightly fuzz.

What is your favorite midnite snack? 

Are you attending SXSW 2012?


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