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Tuna Steak and Orange Peas

It was late and I wanted a quick meal out of the freezer.  Passing up the frozen leftover pasta and ice cream, I grabbed the chunk of yellow fin that didn’t end up as sushi and the peas.

The orange zest was nearly omitted but I’m glad the citrus note was there.  Just a slight tang in the background, it helps you forget that this meal was an iceberg a few minutes earlier.  A small pat of butter melted on the peas, because you can’t eat peas without butter, that would be wrong and the French Canadian woman in me would be very disappointed if you didn’t.

The tuna was still raw in the center, as you can see from the blurry picture.  Put a good amount of freshly cracked pepper on both sides.  Get a pan smokin’ hot and sear top and bottom of that little fish fillet.  Peppery heat and cool center will play your taste buds like a harpstring.

Need not mention… only eat raw seafood that is supposed to be eaten raw, handle with the up most care, and don’t give this to little ones or granny just to be safe.


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My first lesson in making sushi at home:  wasabi and scratched legs do not mix.

You must be thinking “why are you using your legs to make sushi?”   I wasn’t.  This was a discovery during post-sushi preparation, otherwise known as eating sushi.

I made my plate of tuna avocado rolls with a side of wasabi spiked soy sauce, a must to enjoy the sushi experience.  Little Sister is not a picky eater, quite the opposite really.  She will try everything, especially if it looks like Mommy is trying to keep it away from her.  Her little toddler brain must equate coveted foods with candy, she was in for a sweet surprise.  She dips her tender index finger into the soy sauce, meanwhile I’m scarfing down rolls like Garfield in front of a lasagna.  There is a huge scratch on my knee from my Boston Terrier, Pepper.  Another combination that is not super: just-walked-in-the-door-wearing-shorts and Pepper.

A drop of the sushi dipping sauce fell from Little Sister’s finger on to my knee.  Before I could catch it with a napkin, it slipped into the crevice of broken skin.  I screeched “Ahhh! WAsaBiiiiiii!!!” as I ran to the bathroom to wash off the burning sauce.

After all was calm again, Little Sister pointed to the dish of dark soy as she flapped her hands “OT! OT!”.  She proceeded to eat the bits of rice soaked in the “OT” sauce.

I wonder if wasabi was old-school biological warfare.

Here is my attempt at homemade sushi…

Sushi mise en place

Laying the tuna, cucumber and avocado

Bamboo Sushi mats can help you roll the sushi

Same roll but naked (no seaweed)

The roll was built on a piece of plastic which came from a bag of fresh tortillas (just remember to remove the plastic!)

A very sharp, clean knife helps cut the rolls into bite size pieces

*Footnote: I used Yellowfin Tuna from Hawaii, which is a better alternative to the Bluefin Tuna often served in sushi restaurants.  To find out more, please visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium website for a Guide to Sustainable Sushi.

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