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Baconized (adj.) the overt flavouring of another substance with bacon.

A great way to get someone in my house to eat more veggies, especially the dark green varieties, is to baconize it.  There aren’t many things that won’t accept this treatment.  Maybe mango wouldn’t be a good idea, although I’ve often had mango next to bacon and eggs for brunch on the weekends. 

This bacon was paired up with onion, tomatoes, and red swiss chard.  The fat is rendered out slowly, then the onions cook in the flavourful fat, this is the beginning of baconization.  Reserve the crisped bacon.  Layer the stems of the chard first as they need a little longer cooking time to become tender.  Season the golden onions and stems with salt and pepper.  Add the leaves of the swiss chard, a tiny pinch of salt, then the tomatoes. 

Cover the pan and let the leaves wilt.  Add crisped bacon at the last minute and stir.

The fish I picked up was at a reasonable price, at just under 5 bucks a pound, three fillets of perch were less than 6 dollars all together.

Parchment enclosed fish covered in the tomato, chile, olive, capers, onion, garlic.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350ºF.


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