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While wondering why my last batch of molasses spice cookies were a near total disaster, I thought about genetically modified foods. 

The cookies were made in a double batch with the addition of 1 teaspoon of cornstarch.  The batter looked a bit wet once everything was mixed up, but I proceeded anyways.  When the first sheet of cookies came out of the oven, I thought I had baked Quasimodos.  Some were slanty on one side, just sticky and flat.  The cornstarch was added to keep the middles chewy, but something had gone horribly wrong.  They just didn’t look right.  The sound they made coming out of the oven was a loud “BLLLAAHHH!” like Robert Munsch reading one of his hilarious children’s stories where the mud jumps up and lands on his character.  They looked like mud puddles.  But…. they tasted like cookies.

Now take this into the context of genetic modification of food.  A common example today is the Frankenfish, or GMO Salmon.  The gene that controls the growth rate, maybe it’s a hormone, I’m not the expert of these things, it was tweaked.  Turned up a notch.  Excited.  So now fish farms can grow salmon faster, and bigger, much bigger.  The people wanting to sell us these fish have taken it up to the FDA, both sides of the controversy are lobbying against each other. 

But would the big salmon taste the same as a normal salmon?  I changed one ingredient in my cookie batter and ended up with odd, flat cookies – but they are edible. 

For me, wild caught salmon is the way to go.  I can live with flat cookies.

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